Group Overview
Vision, Trust, Reality.

Gulf Global Group was established in 2002 by Arshad Wahedna to invest and consolidate an international asset base. The past 15 years has proved to be an exciting period for its unique growth story having successfully invested, developed, and participated in various joint-venture developments in excess of USD 250 million.

We focus on value added opportunities in the market through our network of industry relationships, with the majority of capital being invested either in land acquisitions for future ground up development, joint venture developments, and private opportunistic developments. Our depth of industry expertise has seen the successful development of 100.000 sq.m of residential and commercial real estate, with and additional 125.000 sq.m currently planned or under construction and slated for completion prior to 2020. In addition to investment and development, a deep understanding in asset management has resulted in value creation for the entire group of stakeholders including investors, tenants and the larger community. We also hold a land bank totaling 175.000 sq.m of allowable area slated for future development.

Our aim is to create a net surplus in social and financial engagement for the built environment through prudent and well planned investment, active management, and transparency.